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Hello guys. I downloaded VMWARE Workstation on my laptop. The specs of my laptop are as follows:  Intel core2 duo t7500 2.20 ghz.  two gigs ram.  186 GB HD with 173 GB free.  What I would like to do, with your recommendations or disapprovals, is create or download two virtual machines.  The first would be a windows vista virtual machine and the second would be either server 2003 or server 2008 (experimental I guess).  My question is can my laptop handle this scenario.  Again, I'm just beginning with VMWARE and I just want to get a feel for it and learn it but I also want access to these Operating systems becasue I have to support them.  I figured I would start with vmworkstation per the recommendations of people on this site and then maybe test vmware server if you think that would be a good idea.  Thanks as always for the information.
pendal1IT ManagerAsked:
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Hi pendal1,

SURE you can ! I have the same identical laptop specs (HP DV2699) but with 250GB HD. Anyways, i can asure you that this will work, may be you will get little bit slow some times, but in general, it will work and fast enough as you want!

One thing you REALY need to activate is the (Intel VT) on the bios, it's intel's new Virtualization Technology, and it's supported in the T7500 chipsets, you just need to make sure it's enabled from the BIOS of your laptop, go there and roam around till u see it and enable it, it will make your VM's performance BOOST up.

Just to give you an example of how fare i went with my VMWARE testings on my Laptop, i did the following:
- I installed ESX 3.0.2 inside VMWARE Workstation 6.
- I installed a second ESX 3.0.2 again in the same VMWare WS 6.
- I installed OpenFiler SAN VM on the same WS6
- I ran all of the above and made the two ESX servers have iSCSI connectivity with the OpenFiler SAN to test the VMotion and DRS.

I hope all this gave you the confidence to go ahead with your testing, VMWare is an awsome tool when it comes to OS testing and evaluations.

Let me know if you still have any doubts...


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If your host operating system is Windows Vista, then I suggest you add in another 1 GB  of RAM, since you're going to need to allocate 1 GB of RAM to the guest operating system (Windows Vista) for smooth operation. Your CPU with the VT instructions set should be able to handle two virtual machines at at time.
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  Commented:

My example:

I have a laptop with with 2Gb. Then i have a Vmware lab with 4 VMs in cluster

Two Windows 2003 Cluster, one Active Directory, and a DNS Server

I can run all the servers(with 384 and 512Mb memory) in my laptop

Off course they get very slow when all they are running, but for some experiences is a good lab. If i only run the cluster i can get a very good performance.

So it all depends what type of server(VM) you use, and what memory you alocate for every VM.

Remember that in a physical server you must allocate more memory. Bur in a VMware environment you work that same server with less memory.

You can work a Windows 2003 Server with only 384Mb of memory, and still have a good performance.

Remember that this is only for lab testing(servers tests).

pendal1IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Guys, I still haven't setup my virtual machines yet.  I've just been nuts lately and as I'm sure you're aware, I have other responsibilities when I get home besides the testing.  You guys seem very strong with VM but It's a little intimidating for me yet.  You guys have labs and clusters which is over my head right now.  However, this is obviously important which is why I'm just going to start with workstation and then go from there.  I'll keep you posted.
pendal1IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the help and valuable information.
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