Cannot get Linksys WRVS4400N to even attempt an IPSEC connection out with Phase 1.

Cannot get Linksys WRVS4400N to even attempt an IPSEC connection out with Phase 1.  At my company I never see the connection through our firewall successful or unseccessful.  The VPN log on the Linksys doesn't give much advice.  The tunnel status says Down, not disconnected.
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Can you give us more information about how the network is setup and what the VPN is trying to connect to?  Also, your ipsec policy info would be handy.
tbrokawAuthor Commented:
Actually I found the solution as silly as it is.  When you set up a Linksys tunnel, you cann not have any spaces in the tunnel name.  So I just put in one word and now it connects.  Mind you the tunnel name is only known to Linksys and has nothing to do with the actual tunnel or any IPSEC info passed.  I guess the developers had a bad day when coding this and got lazy.  Thanks for the reply.
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