Information on Google Search Appliance for Intranets

My company is going to purchase and install the Google search appliance.  We don't have it yet and don't have access to documentation, but they want some answers from me (I also won't be the one installing it).  From what I've read, the Google algorithm bases it's rankings on number of times the search word appears on a page and possibly the number of links to the page. Here are the questions I'm getting asked:
1.  Will it search within a powerpoint presentation (ppt or pps) for the search words like it does on an html page?
2.  Will it search within a pdf file for the search words?
3.  Can it search documents inside zip files?
3.  Will it read keywords from the Microsoft Properties window in the Office products?
4.  Will it search meta tag keywords on a page?
5.  Will it let you do any customization on the rankings?  For instance, if I have a webpage devoted to a subject, which has a number of links to individual documents such as pdf, ppt, documents etc, can we set it up to return the actual web page first and then the underlying documents?
We will have pages that do not necessarily have the search word on the page anywhere, but the page still relates to the general area, so we want it to return the page.  Example, maybe I have a page that has information about various car models, but the work car and automobile are not anywhere on the page, but if the user searchs for Car, I want it to return this page as part of the search.

Any information would be useful.  I've tried to tell them we can't really answer these questions until the search engine is up and running and we can test, but they still want answer right now.
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TheAnarchistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before I say anything else, I would suggest that you should contact Google and speak with a sales consultant. They will be able to find this information out for sure - anything from here will only be guesses (unless you get people responding that have experience with this intranet engine).

1) & 2) The Internet version does, so I assume that the intranet version would. I am not sure about how images would come into play within the search results, though.

3a) I don't know. I would have my doubts.

3b) I have significant doubts.

4) I believe it would, if you are talking about an HTML page.

5) I don't know.

I am sure that, since you (or your company) is spending money on this product (and from what I hear, it's not a small investment), a Google Search sales consultant will be able to give you all of these answers, or can point you to someone who can.
blue3123dAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comments, especially for the first two questions.  That helps.  As for talking to Google, at this point, that is not one of the options available to me.  I can only try and give them what I can find at this time with the warning that until we discuss further with Google or get the product and set it up, it's speculation.  I've been testing some searches with the internet version on the assumption that if it will do it, so will the intranet version.  I have doubts about the zip files also, as I've not seen Google return a zip file in a search.
GlennaShawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1 Yes
2 Yes
3 Yes
4 Yes
5 Yes
Having said that, be forewarned it's not easy implementing the google search apppliance.  In fact it's been so challenging there's a user group just for Google Search Appliance problems.
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blue3123dAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your responses.  The answers to the first 2 questions, on the pdf and the ppt were extremely helpful.  I'm glad I know the answers to the other questions.  I was able to provide them this information and they seem to be satisfied for now and accepting that some questions we will have to wait on the specifics.   And thanks for the link, I will pass it on.  I wish I could give you both the total points as I think you got me off the hook.
blue3123dAuthor Commented:
Complete enough for my purposes and needs at this point.  Thanks again.
Don't worry about the points, just glad to help.  The Google Search Appliance is not an easy thing to implement well.  The key is getting your indexing and catalog done well.  It is worth the effort though.
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