Is it possible to add 1 email address from a second email dmain on exchange?

I have SBS running and configured with Excage server and receiving emails. the company has decided to register a new domain name and wants 1 email address created and forwarded to one of the existing mailboxes.

Can anyone suggest the best way I can do this?
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KutyiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the email is to be forwarded to a user on the first domain simply add an SMTP email address to the Users AD account for the second domain.  You will then need to create an MX record for the new domain to point to the same IP as the MX record for your primary record.  
Jamesm007Author Commented:
So I can add an SMTP email address with a different domain name? this is what I wasnt sure if it will work. I can arrange for MX record to be adjusted no problems. Saves having to host a seperate service
Yes, just keep in mind that the user rcieving the messages will attached thier default email address as the reply to in any emails they send.
Jamesm007Author Commented:
great. thanks!
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