Getting a message: 1720 Smart Hard Drive detects imminent failure(failing attr05)

It goes on to say:

Please back up the contents of the Hard Drive & run HDD Self Test in F10 setup

F10 ROM Based set up


I cannot get past this screen, I ran the HDD Self Test both Quick and no avail.
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maxis2cuteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that is the smart drive feature warning you that your hard drive is going bad or is bad  Try to boot from a cd.

Have you tried running a system repair from the CD?  get it up a running and save info to external drive and swap the hard drive


It could be something to do with operating system. Before you plan on changing the hard drive. Install a fresh copy of windows XP and then check what happens. Some old computers motherboard have option in bios wherin it checks the computer for operating system.

Try installing windows XP.

Did the tests show any errors?
If you say ignore does it boot into windows?
reyeuroAuthor Commented:
This was the Smart Drive warning and the hard drive is corrupted, could not be re-formatted or formatted and could not load an OS onto it, I have no idea what happened to it, but I replaced the hard drive and it is up and running..Thanks again!  ciao
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