Citrix Session Degrades after Minimising or Maximising Window (CTRL+F2 / CTRL+F4)

When a user minimises or maximises a citrix session the colour is degraded to 8 bit from 16 bit. This cannot be changed within the current session but is reset back to 16 bit once the users logs out and back in again. There are currently 3 Citrix servers in our organisation and all use the same settings and policies and the problem only occurs for users connected to the latest Citrix server. The user connects to the Citrix server through a WAN via a 1Mb connection using the latest ICA client V10.1. For comparison, when I open a session from each citrix server, only the session from the latest Citrix server degrades the colour depth when minimising and maximising. I have searched the Citrix knowledge base for answers but to no avail. I would appreciate any help on this subject.
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In your Citrix policies do you have them set to degrade color depth before resolution or the other way around? Sounds like you have some sort of bandwidth limit imposed as well that kicks in when your threshold is exceeded by the final citrix session.
FEAITAuthor Commented:
I am currently running Citrix Prensentation Server 4.5 which includes the SpeedScreen feature. The settings are as followed:

1) Image acceleration using lossy compression - Enabled
2) Compression Level - medium compression; good image quality
3) SpeedScreen Progressive Display compression level - very high compression; very low qualtiy
4) Restrict Compression to connections under this bandwidth - not ticked
5) Use Heavyweight Compression - not ticked

These settings are the same as the other citrix servers but only Citrix3 session change in colour. Remember I have tested sessions on the other 2 servers and they don't change at all. Is there an option to change the minimum colour depth in the Presentation server?  Another thing, when running a Citrix3 session on the same network (1GB/s switch) the colour does not change after minimising or maximising the window.
Any Citrix policies in place?
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FEAITAuthor Commented:
Yes we are running a policy. Those settings I mentioned we're set in the SpeedScreen section.
How are the policies filtered, by server, by user, ?
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
The latest client if I am not wrong is 10.150. Plus there were specific hotfixes from Citrix to address issues related to this. Are you running the latest hotfixes/rollup packages for PS4.5?

Cláudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
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We have a PS 4.5 proof-of-concept environment, and hopefully soon going to production.  (Our current production environment is a 60 server PS 4.0 farm).  With the PS 4.5 farm, we are encountering the same issue with our Published Desktop (i.e. mazimizing the Published Desktop screen causes the color to degrade from 24-bit to 8-bit).  But this issue only occurs if I connect remotely, either with Access Gateway or Cisco VPN.  The issue does not occur from a LAN connection or a WAN connection.  We're using the 10.2 Client and the PS 4.5 Servers are running Rollup Pack 2 and upto and including hotfix 042.  I've bumped the session memory to 8192 for one server, but this did not help.  I tried the 9.23 Client, this did not help.  I've checked: server properities; farm properties; Citrix Policies; AD GPOs; ICA-tcp properties; AccessPlatform site settings; PNAgent site settings; appsrv.ini, other ini files; the .ica files on the Web Interface server;...  Any other thoughts/ideas?
FEAITAuthor Commented:
PS 4.5 has been replaced with Xenapp 5 for Windows 2008 and the problem does not exist anymore.

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