Is it possible to span a new hard drive with an existing hard drive running windows sbs 2003?

As stated in some of my other questions, I work for a company and I want to know if you can span a new hard drive with an existing hard drive that already has windows small business server 2003 on it.  The hard drive we are using is only 80GB and its almost out of space.. I want to purchase a new 500gb hard drive, but i do not want to configure a new drive on each computer in the company.  Right now its called the "p:" server and I want to simply just add more storage space to it... does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?  Once again, i do not want to have to change the drive letters, just want to add more space.  

Thanks so much.
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is the P:\ the only share on the disk? Does it have any special permissions?

An option is to copy all the data to the new disk, then name it P: and name the old 80Gb one another letter....

keeping things simple means less can go wrong,...

Just note, you may need to use something like robocopy (MS tool) to copy over the permissions and shares (if you have any setup)

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would strongly advise against this.

Spanning drives can cause SERIOUS problems if you have a disk fail.  You would need to convert the existing drive to Dynamic (if it's not already converted) and then add the new drive and convert that.  But you lose everything (short of hours of data recovery efforts) if one drive fails.  This is a server and it runs your business right?  You have important information on it that would cause you to lose hours of productivity if it failed, right?  Then you need to reconfigure how your server is setup and add things properly -- that is, if you don't have it already, install RAID 1 (mirror) of your first hard disk and add another two disks for another mirror (RAID 1).  Then make sure you have the server setup properly, with NO DATA residing on the C: drive and ALL data residing on other drive letters.  Frankly, more drive letters would probably be appropriate for you.

For some instructions on how to properly move data off the C: drive - or even to other drive letters, you can reference my web page on boot drive size -
bwjohnson88Author Commented:
Does anyone know if you can copy a hard drive that has windows server on it?  I'm buying a new hard drive as stated above and just want to copy the hard drive that is already being used onto the new hard drive.  Is this possible?
Forced accept.

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