how to convert data from pdf to excel spreadsheet

I have pdf file with data which I need to convert into excel spreadsheet.  Formatting should be preserved.  Because lenth of data in first column is different


Profile Name                             amt

first loan llc  $500
second and first loan llc  $300

I need to convert this pdf data into excel spreadsheet following way

first loan llc                                           $500
second and first loan llc                       $300

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This is a best tool

William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
pdf's are not made to be converted, but many times you can extract the pdf to text, then they can be converted. but without seeing a larger amount of data it is hard to confrigure.

are you just trying to seperate the $ with all the text in front? if so, then copy all the text to a text file and paste it in notepad.
click edit - replace
and replace $ with "           $"  
that is <tab>$

then save as a cvs file and open in excel.
You probably need to look at a third party offering like this:
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maximyshkaAuthor Commented:
Please no third party tools
Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
You cannot without 3rd party tools. I have personally used the able2doc to convert PDF to word and is perfect.
You can try to save pdf as text, and then use Excel's Import Text Wizart to populate cells/columns from text file. You can use any character for column separatom (5. g. $)

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