Removing software RAID1

My system runs the latest version of Debian on the 2.4.27 kernel with two identical hard drives in a software RAID1 configuration.  I want to remove RAID1 so that the system is as if I had never installed it.  I know how to remove one drive from /dev/md0, but I want to get rid of /dev/md0 completely.
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ravenplConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the /dev/md0 have two partitions within (cat /proc/mdstat)
just use 'fdisk /dev/sdX) and change those partition types from (fd  Linux raid autodetect) to (83 linux)
Next, check if /etc/mdadm.conf exists, if so, then remove line concerning md0 array.

After reboot the raid will not be created, and single partitions are ready to use(no reformat needed).
But, before You reboot You have to make sure that grub.conf and fstab are not pointing to /dev/md0 anymore.
cwh02140Author Commented:
The attached file contains output of "cat /proc/mdstat" and "fdisk -l /dev/hda /dev/hdb /dev/md0".
Note that the partition types are already 83.

/boot/grub/menu.lst and /etc/fstab already point to /dev/hda1.
I can't find any file named grub.conf.

Any further ideas?

> I can't find any file named grub.conf.
I missed that it's debian. menu.lst is the same, usually theres symlink grub.conf -> menu.lst (or V-V)

What about /etc/mdadm.conf or /etc/raidtab? Since You have full drives binded into array (not partitions), it should be configured in one of those files.
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