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I have used Experts Exchange for many years and have usually found the answers to any queries however this time I have had no luck - so my first every question here goes....

I have a central server running Server 2003 std and Exchange 2003 - there are remote sites with VPN tunnels connecting workstations to the Exchange 2003 server - these sites also have their own domain and their own servers - the VPN tunnel is only used to allow remote users to connect to exchange.

I would like remote users to change their password on the central server and I have looked at both changing through Outlook, though a forced password change, and changing them through OWA.

I have established that because the remote workstations are not logged onto the central domain it is not possible to change passwords through Outlook so I have settled on OWA as the solution.

I have read many articles on the problems associated with configuring the Password Change option in OWA - I have made the necessary group policy changes as specified by Microsoft but I still get the error message indicating the password does meet the password complexities - the only way I can get a sucessful password change is if I select the User Must Change Password At Next Login for the remote users.  Although a workaround it is not a solution.  I have tested this facility on a SBS 2003 server and it works fine.

Any ideas would be welcome.
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Alan Huseyin KayahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
  Hi jmartinscotland
       Please have a look at following

Dave_DietzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say you have made the necessary group policy changes as specified by Microsoft, what specific changes have you made and did you make them at the domain level (not OU)?

Dave Dietz
jmartinscotlandAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your response.

I have already applied the group policy modified as specified on KB827614 which changes the Minimum Password Age policy to 0 - this fix seems to be more specific to the problem if you try and change your password more than once in 24 hours - I get the error message "Either the password is too short or password uniqueness restrictions have not been met" every time I try and change a password through owa.  The only way I get a success password change is if I select the "User Must Change Passwprd" in Active Directory before the user selects Change Password.

jmartinscotlandAuthor Commented:
No one seems to have an answer to this problem - I will just live with the workaround.
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