Consolidating file storage :Can you create a Network name <server name> without having a server behind it ?

Within the company we have too many file servers and then programs, macros, shortcuts, links  and hyperlinks that point to files on these file servers. We are attempting to consolidate our storage using a central storage a SAN. In the same process remove all the servers.

In the process we want to rationalise and make file name paths more meaniingful.

So at the moment we have server named after greek gods, cartoon characters etc...
A unc path \\<servername\\share\directory....

So we get things like


Which makes learning managing and cataloguing a nightmare.

I don't want the address of a file to be related to the machine it is stored on. If it is a project file I want the address of project files on the the network to be \\Projects\My Project\  but I don't want to create a server called Projects. Otherwise we have to create  multiple servers that have to administred just for the menaingful filename locations.  

We work over multiple sites so we have been looking at NameSpaces through DFS

The problem is and this why I want to ask you can't create a Namespace whose UNC does not either start with the domain name of the server name. We want to replicate file across sites to reduce network traffic and have people pointing to a share \\Projects\  

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Loren OkulyConnect With a Mentor Sr. IT ManagerCommented:
I'm with you on that one. Would be a nice feature. When I was reading what you wrote the first thing that came to mind was DFS. Love it!!! would recommend that to you all day long.

As for your request about getting that UNC to start wtih something other than the domain or server name.... I wonder what would happen if you created a DFS root on at the server level, lets say on server1, and then created an alias for that server, lets say "projects". so instead of \\server1 we get \\Projects
Now that normally wouldn't work in a windows 2003 world, which I assume you're in, but.... if you update your registry to disable DisableStrictNameChecking it would work. That key would be under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters. Set it to a value of 1

Now I wonder if that would still work if you paired it with DFS???? I suspect its worth a shot although I've never tested it myself. If it does please let me know!

fsmt tool from microsoft can be helpfull, you can have look at this link below, hope it will help u
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