Delphi 7 architecture problem?

Hi experts!
We have two test boxes. One runs an AMD A64 Athlon and the other an Intel Core2Duo. Both run Delphi 7.
Is there any reason why the Intel box is significantly slower within Delphi, compiling, etc? I would have expected the Core2 to significantly outperform the AMD box.

Thanks for any pointers.
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 It depends on so many factors... I do know that dual core processors actually run each core at a lower clock rate than what is advertised making many people frustrated with the speed versus a single core processor.  Do the systems have the same clock speed?  The same bus speed?  There are so many ways that Windows can be different from box to box that the only way to be sure you are getting an accurate speed reading, based solely on the processor, would be to make sure they are both running the same hardware and literally move the hard drive from one to the other.  This would ensuire that everything affecting Windows goes with it. This would include hard drive fragmentation, viruses, programs that are not viruses, but slow down your system like they were a virus, etc.  Sorry about the vague answer, but wow there is a lot of ground covered by your question.  I do not believe that there is any code that should inherently run slower on one processor than the other.  If you get it down to the test that I suggested then it is truly just the difference in the processors.

  I am from both a development and a gaming background and generally find it as no surprise when AMD outperforms Intel.

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P.S.  To the best of my knowledge the compiler does not take advantage of multiple cores, it only runs on one.
MarkMichaelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
Funnily enough, as per your suggestion of swapping the hard disks over, this is exactly what has happened. A PC that had a fresh install of Delphi (another core2duo) was lightning fast. Reinstalling Delphi plus components is going to take months in this case as it has been built up over a period and the original installers etc lost.
The new machine should trounce the old one in every respect but daft things like the tool tips when you type a function will lag and take 5+ seconds to display. I bet there is something quite simple amiss here but I can't put my finger on it!

There are a couple of things that come to mind... Has the machine been tuned to use it's available memory efficiently?  I know that sounds odd, but Windows does not auto detect and adapt to these things, it has to be told how.  Another thing that comes to mind is something that affects how the file system responds.  A Microsoft OS update within the last year causes the machine to occasionaly (when files are accessed, like a search or directory listing) try to find jobs on every other computer on the network.  This can cause a several second delay.  While I know of the issue I do not have a link on how to deal with it.  I believe it is a registry setting that has to be manually applied.  If you need more I will see if I can get you a link on those issues.  Whether or not this covers the problem I would bet it is an OS issue.
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