connecting two buildings for broadband

We have a building with 2 office PCs. One has to be moved to another building 100 feet away.
They currently share broadband through a Lynksys router and share printers, folders etc.
Both buildings use the same telephone line but broadband on a different number.
There is a car park between the two, but no trees, so line of site is okay.
How can I get both machines onto the internet?
If I had 2 wireless access points, I worry about loss of signal due to distance and weather.
They share the same electricity meter, so how about ethernet over mains; never tried it.
Too expensive to dig and lay a network cable and no existing overhead cables to use.
Silly additional question, if I got broadband connected on the telephone line that exists in the new office and it had its own router, could that machine still connect to head office and access the same Outlook account as the other machine in the other building? Currently the the two machines share a Sonicwall software client to get access to to our domain. I am aware I would have to create another Sonicwall account for the 2nd machine as it would be coming in through a different IP.
Can anyone think of an easier way? Besides access points of which I worry about signal strength, how can I get this 2nd machine onto the internet, bearing in mind it would be better to keep it tied in with the first machine so they can have shared folders, printers etc.
Big thanks
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There are wireless solutions for this; more powerful access points and directional antennae. A local supplier will be able to suggest suitable equipment. Setting the APs in "bridge mode" will emulate a cable, probably the simplest solution for you (no digging, no cables...).

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Just sharing an electricity meter is probably not enough for Ethernet over powerlines; generally, they need to be serviced by the same electrical panel. I would expect each building to have a separate electrical panel.

Depending on the thickness of the walls the signal needs to penetrate, an 802.11n signal would probably work. You wouldn't necessarily need a wireless access point in the remote building, just have an N wireless adapter for the computer itself. However, if the computer is going to be hidden behind several walls, a WAP in the remote building may work out better to relay the signal.

Once you have a signal, your two computers can be placed into a local area network, so they can share files, folders, and printers. However, Internet traffic wouldn't go through the first PC; both PCs would be tied into the router (one presumably wired, the other wireless) and would go from that directly out to the Internet.
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,
rid, a succinct answer and just what I need.
ElrondCT, A more detailed answer and offering me an option.
Unsure of the exact location of the PC, so I'll go with  WAP pair
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