Random Emails are being removed from Inbox

Hello all!!
I have an exchange server 2003 and my clients connect with outlook 2003.
One of my users has noticed that he has been missing random emails, by random i mean chronologically.
He claims not to have deleted them.
I check the message tracker in the exchange tools...but i cant find anything that dates back 7-8 months.
I do take frequent backups using symantec-veritas backup exec lld,so i guess when i perform backups the logs are erased for message tracking???

What could be happening here, what can i do to recover these "missing"mails??


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peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tools->Options->Other->Archive automatically. There you can also see the location of the archive file.
And, yes, it should take all emails from a certain date, not just some of them.
Note that it is possible to have a setting that remove messages permanently.
Matthew MillersCommented:
Hello pk24573,

Has he got an archive or something? Run a scan on the machine for PST files.


pk24573Author Commented:
will do, thanks, and i'll get back to you.

if he does have an archive, wouldnt it take all the emails say from march 2007, and just some of them?
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