Changing Fonts on multiple documents in one go.

Hi Guys,
I've got a client that is running Adobe Creative 2 and in particular Illustrator.
I'm not at all familiar with using this package but does anyone know if there's a way to change the Font on multiple documents without having to open each one in turn and change them ?

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Tom RayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
confirm... no.

best thing i can think of would be to use some sort of automated script/program that will change it upon opening. on the mac platform there is Automator which i think may be able to do. not sure what would be available on the windows platform. then you could set it to run overnight or something like that. just a thought.
Not that I am aware of, but I'll wait to see if anyone else chimes in before I give you a definitive 'no'.
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
Ok, That's fine. Thanks
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