HP Photosmart 8750 Printer Network Install Problem

Trying to do a network install of a HP Photosmart 8750 on our print server (Running windows Server 2000). The installer software runs to completion and asks to reboot. After restart the printer simply isn't there - asif I had never run the software. Has anybody else encountered problems (...or found a solution to) installing a HP 8700 Series Printer on a network?
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michkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your problem may very well be that HP does not have Win 200 Server drivers for this model.  In many cases you can use the Win 2000 drivers, but not all.

From a review of the product, it appears to have an ethernet port.  I'd suggest just connecting it directly to the network, assigning an IP, and installing on the workstations that need it.
This link explains network install:

Or you could set it up on as shared from a workstation:

Additionally, you could chat with an HP tech about installing it on a Win 2000 Server:

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