consolidate data from different databases to one single database

I have an application that has Sql Server 2000 as the database.
This application is used in different Offices of our comapny around the world with each Office having there own independent Sql Database.

For global reporting purposes I would like to create an instance of the Database that would receive all the transactional information from all the databases from all the companies.

This would give us a repository for generating global reports.

I have taken a look at Replication in Sql Server , but it seems that it is used for synchronizing different databases. I donot want synchronisation . The independent databases of all the offices will continue to work the way they are.

All I want is that all records in the database s should be sent to one centralised database.

How can I implement this ??


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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
>All I want is that all records in the database s should be sent to one centralised database.
replication can do that indeed, as you can set up "filters" for your replication.

now, you are not necessarily forced to use replication, but to be efficient (as I assume the bandwidth to the remote offices is somewhat limited/speed), you need  to be able to identify quickly what has been changed since the last "update", otherwise you will need to transfer the whole database(s) (ie the data) locally, and then do the "merge".

TetraSAAuthor Commented:
Hi angelllll,
This consolidation will be done once or twice a week Max.
The MASTER DATA in the databases is not very big (only few hundred records) , so I don't have a problem if ALL the MASTER DATA is transferred everytime.
Regarding the TRANSACTION records  , Is there a way I can select that it should only bring in ALL records for the Current Year only ??
Coz , previous year records will not be changing , so after I do an initial MERGE by brining in ALL data , I can filter transactions records for the current year only. Is this possible ??

Any links on how to setup this MERGING in sql server 2000 would be appreciated.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
current year rows:
yes, if you have a field with the datetime in it:

WHERE yourfield >= CONVERT(datetime, CAST(DATEPART(YEAR, GETDATE()) AS VARCHAR(4)) + '-01-01', 120)

"merge": I would, for this amount of rows, just delete the rows from current year, and insert the ones from the other server.

can you connect from 1 server to the other?
have you already looked up the "linked servers" stuff (cf: OPENQUERY)

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