Problem extracting db data to CSV file.


I am extracting data from a db table into a CSV file to import to Excel.
I'm using OSQL to create a *.OUT file that's comma delimited, then run a vbscript file to append the current date to the title and change the extension to .csv.

This is working ok, my problem is that I need to somehow handle line breaks within the data.
Some of the fields are text fields with breaqks stored in them and in the csv format cause a new line where there should not be one created.

How can I correct this?

Any ideas?


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Excel supports embedded newlines in CSV files.  So long as the field is wrapped by double quote characters, so this is correct CSV output.  If OSQL isn't wrapping fields in quotes, then you need to adjust your query accordingly.

See for a good article on how to format CSV correctly.

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Homer2040Author Commented:
Seems I may be able to use DTS to solve this one.
Will be getting back to the issue next week, so I would like to leave this open and pending until then.

Yes, you can use SSIS.  Remember, DTS was the name in 2000.  You may need to install SSIS if it is not already installed.  It can do export to CSV.
Homer2040Author Commented:

Sorry this question was open so long.
As I stated earlier, I got retasked and finally got back to this...

Thanks for your patience and input.

I ended up adjusting the query, sort of as you suggested.
I replaced commas and line break/feeds on the fields where they may be entered as I extracted them.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

Glad to help, and thank you for the points :)
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