Multiple user controls with core javascript


I'm in the process of building a "web user control" for a C#/ASP.Net application.  There will be any number of these controls on the screen at one time, and each one has a bunch of javascript within itself to set visibility of divs at runtime, depending on user inputs.

I was just wondering if there's a nice way of having a core of javascript that all the controls use, without having it repeated throughout the resulting web page when it's rendered?

Thanks in advance.

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JaymolAuthor Commented:
It's okay - I've sorted it.

I'll post the solution on here shortly and accept it as a solution.

Thanks all the same.
JaymolAuthor Commented:
I added this code to the Render method of the web control....

      //  Parse the parent's child controls
      for (int i = 0; i < Parent.Controls.Count; i++)
        //  If the parent's child control is the same type as this, we've found the first one.
        if (Parent.Controls[i].GetType() == this.GetType())
          //  If the parent's child control has the same ID as this then this is the first one of this type.
          if (Parent.Controls[i].ID == this.ID)
            //  Add javascript here

Now, I can have one instance of a bunch of javascript functions that all the controls of the same type can call.  I just pass this.ID around as a controlID within the javascript in order to identify which control is making the call.

Hope this proves useful.

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