Pix anti spoofing problem

I've got a weird thing going on between my Pix and Windows servers...

I have netbios enabled on my servers as a few of the software running on them is using netbios names to access certain files.. What happends is that the servers do a Netbios name request on the broadcast address x.x.x.255 which then my Pix intercepts and see's it as a spoofing attack..

Not a bad thing in general but my pix logs are filling up with deny udp reverse path check from x.x.x.x to x.x.x.255 on interface outside messages.. Which is pretty annoying.. Is there some way to get around this??

I have anti spoofing enabled on both interfaces inside and outside.. Disabling this on the interface outside stops these messages but I think is not a good idea to do..

My servers are on interface inside and my connection is on outside..

Any suggestions are welcome.

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it's not bad to stop it on the internal interface and i think this not the best practise also to enable it on the internal interface

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ro8inmorganAuthor Commented:
Ok I disabled the anti spoofing on the internal interface.. But the deny udp messages still come in my Pix log as their on the outside interface coming from my servers sitting on the inside interface..
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