RDP redirects printer without local configuration

The problem is that a redirected printer through RDP does not seem to transfer the local configuration. On most HP printers for example, it's possible to enable a 3rd or 4th tray in the drivers, but this is all forgotten when it's redirected. It seems all standard settings are used, which of course results in the wrong tray being used.

I've tried to add some fake printers to check how the configuration is transferred to the terminal server, but the 3 HP drivers I've tried does the same thing (LaserJet 2300, LaserJet 4050, LaserJet 5N), uses all standard settings on the terminal.

The terminal server is in no way connected to the network where the printer is located, so it's not possible to reach the printer through anything but RDP.

I need to somehow be able to have a printer on the terminal server that prints to a tray that is not normally enabled in the drivers on the clients printer.

Any suggestions?
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JimboEfxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Blaze-,

Printing and terminal services are two ingredients not always keen to mix.

I'm not sure if there is a native way to resolve this easilly... but I know of a 3rd party product which i have seen succeed.



Blaze-Author Commented:
I've tested this on both Windows Server 2000 and 2003 by the way, but I really only need a solution for the 2003, in case there's a difference.
Blaze-Author Commented:
Thanks for the comment JimboEfx, I'll have a look at it asap.
Blaze-Author Commented:
Thanks for the answer. I believe your answer is pretty much the only solution to the problem, which is unfortunate when the terminal server I have  the problem with is not ours, and those who have it most likely wont allow a 3rd party software. Still, I've tested ScrewDrivers and it looks like it could do the job.
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