Rename Server Do Shares Break

We are migrating shares from one server to another with ScriptLogic's Secure Copy.  After migrating the share and ntfs permissions from ServerA to ServerB, we will bring down ServerA.  After data integrity check we will rename ServerB to ServerA so our user community will not have to remap drives or recreate shortcuts.  Will renaming the server from ServerB to ServerA break the share and the share permissions?

Believe it or not I have searched on this for sometime and haven't come across a topic.  So if this is common knowledge, luck you who gets an easy 500 points.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No; the shares are defined in the registry of the server and are only refering to the share name and the local path of the folders to be shared.
They are not dependent on the server name in any way (except, obviously, on the clients mapping the shares ...)
Saving and restoring existing Windows shares
I just tried it on A virtual PC to make sure - the shares remain.
Obviously you will need to map the shares from the clients to the new name
WyleHouAuthor Commented:
Thanks oBda, that's exactly what I needed to know and more.  I appreciate the quick response.
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