Crystal 9 - Exported to Excel - Filter fails due to inconsistent Cell Sizes

Have specified a Report putting individual fields onto a Report in a 'tabular' type style (this appeared to be the best way to handle other difficulties).
In Excel the Filtering fails due to inconsistent Cell Sizes. Obvious differences have been removed, but we still get the same problem.

I will have a good look at this to fix this. If anyone's got some helpful tips as to easiest overcome this type of difficulty that would be appreciated and save me some time.

(The output file is fairly complex and therefore we cannot heavily edit it each time we create it).

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wykabryanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say "In excel the filtering fails due to inconsistent cell sizes."  Are you using the auto filter?  This is the problem when the cells are merged together.  This happens when the report is not formatted correctly.  

There are ways to lock a column into place.  I prefer to use the tick method.  In the top rule and side rule you can put little carrots. You want to make sure that every column in ticked in the upper left corner from both the top and side rule.  Then you but the other column up next to it.  In Crystal 9, if you need a blank do an insert text field. Type something in the text field and then suppress it.  Make sure it aligns between the ticks as well.  Attached is an example that will help you understand what I written.  I believe this will take care of your issue.
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a document that explains how to format the report for easy export to Excel.

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