What is best practice for setting up printing. DHCP or Static?

I need to provide a best practice for printing in my organization. Does some one know if DHCP or Static is best?
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DCenaculoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have few printers and only one local network, maybe it's easyer for you to configure them wuth static IP addresses. I say this because, this way you will not have DHCP traffic from them on your network everytime.

If you have a lot of printers, phisically located far from you, and different networks, then it is really better for you to configure them with DHCP (with reservations created in DHCP to be sure that they will receive always the same IP address even if they stay disconnected for some time) because if some day you need to change their IP addersses, this way, you can make all of it from a centralized location. DHCP will do the rest for you.

I don't know how are you installing those printers on workstations, but even with DHCP installed on the printers you may heve to reconfigure all the workstations.

I really think it is best to have a static IP address, because there is no unnecessary DCHP traffic on the network everytime if we have only a few printers.
All printers should be setup with a static ip that is reserved on DHCP.
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

DHCP reservations are static and/or dynamic at once. ;)

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DHCP with reservations for printer IP's provides easiest managability
Its not going to make much difference either way. One of the advantages to revervations is that just like normal DHCP addresses the DNS and Gateway information is refreshed on lease renewal - but this is not likely to be an issue with printers.

Personally, I'd opt for static and then not include the IPs in the DHCP scope (or exclude them)
pfeinberAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I agree
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