Folder somehow converted to a file !?

I have a folder on my Windows Server 2003 where I put files uploaded by users. At one point my web application started to complain that the path no longer existed. When I checked on the server, I could see that there was no longer a folder with that name, but instead there was a 0 KB file with the same name.

It is very unlikely that my application did anything like this - not because it's perfect, but because it's being used on the other locations on the same server and has been running for a year and this hasn't happened before.

How can a folder possibly be magically "converted" to a file and how do I prevent it from happening again? Any chance of recovering the files that are/were in the folder?
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Two possiblities:

1.  Some Malware/Virus has done this.
2.  User error.  A user has deleted the folder unknowingly and instead created a file (without noticing that it was a folder that he deleted) with the same name.

Both ways, I do not see any ways to get those files.  But you can give it a try with the undelete softwares.  Type "Undelete" in google and it will get thru' many softwares, which will undelete the files and folders from your system (this will work if point# 2 is true) :)

Good Luck.
gyxiAuthor Commented:
I am pretty sure that it's not possibility 2, because I'm the only one with access to the server and I haven't accessed the server for several months.

So that leaves virus as the only possibility :(

Are you sure that those are the only two possibilities?

Anyone else have a suggestion of a third possibility?

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That is what I can think of now...  Anyways, try the undelete utilties to test your luck.

gyxiAuthor Commented:
Didn't work. I ended up getting a replacement server ...
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