Amounts of direct traffic vs. organic and paid search, links, etc

This is a follow up to question:

According to Google Analytics 75% of our website traffic comes directly to us by typing in our URL (or saving us in favorites, or having us as their home page, etc.)  We are filtering out all internal traffic, so we are only talking about consumer traffic.

Even though we do a lot of print advertising, billboard advertising, and we own 15 model homes throughout the Southeast, we think that number seems a little out of whack.  Has anyone else experienced this with Google Analytics?  Should I trust this number?  What is standard for direct traffic in a company with a lot of real world, tactile exposure?
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Depending on your website its very possible. It may be that your internet marketing efforts are not doing well or that your real world efforts are AMAZING

Google analytics generally doesnt make mistakes. Ive used it for a while and compared it to raw log files. However, if you have a complicated site perhaps your implementation of analytics could be an issue.

I suggest having a consultant assess your website.
kellybellyAuthor Commented:
what type of consultant?  Any suggestions on specific people/companies?
Talk to an internet marketing consultant or agency.

Ask people you know about who they think really knows their stuff.

I have been consulting on internet marketing project for a long time: 

but you can also consider talking to:

- (local guy, heard great praise about him)
- (very good but very expensive - $5000 - $8000 for assessment)

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kellybellyAuthor Commented:
I do know that our internet marketing efforts historically have been abismal.  I just got here in July but before then there was no SEO or linking strategy.  It probably really was mostly direct.  We don't do well on hardly any of the more popular industry terms.  That is all improving now that there is someone to focus on it.
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
if you wish, take a look at this company also,
kellybellyAuthor Commented:
hey guys - does anyone else have anything to add??  I need to close this out, but really I still don't have any answers.  

I have been analyzing old log files - if what firehazrd was saying is true then it seems like we would see a drop in the direct traffic percentage as our search engine placement goes up.  But this is not the case.  So now I am more confused than ever!
kellybellyAuthor Commented:
BTW - thanks for the recommendations on the companies.  I haven't had any luck with any of them so far...

I would think the Google tool to be a good one. As for the 75/25 mix you state, one thing you may want to look at is unique visitors. I gather you are in the home building business? Considering the amount of advertising you do and the info you have at the models, I would imagine people who are seriously looking are making many visits to your site for comparison....  Just a thought.

Hope This Helps
kellybellyAuthor Commented:
thanks everybody.  And BTW I did finally hook up with jsethi (firehazrd) and he has been really helpful  Hope we will be able to work together in the future.
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