Cartridge Roller prob - needs cleaning ?


I have a Xerox Phaser 6100 colour laser.
There are 4 large toner cartridges slotted into the side - C M Y K.

The Black is new and 90% full, the other colours are a few years old
and the printer reports them as being around 50% full.

The problem is that the colours do not print a full page, they are patchy and
faded, tending to print ok on one half of the page but virtually nothing on the other.
Black is absolutely fine and prints a solid page.

I have taken out the colour cartridges and given them a good shake to loosen up
any stuck toner but still the same problem.

On closer inspection, the roller part of the cartridge that transfers the toner
to the printer seems to be the problem.
The black one is coated nicely in black toner, but the coloured ones appear to have smears
or fingerprint marks on them meaning the toner is not evenly spread across the roller.

Does anyone know the safest way to clean the rollers and if it will help.

Thanks !!
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michkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try cleaning them, this link describes how they refurbish toner cartridges, description of how they clean rollers is in section 7:

I will also state that I think you'd be better off replacing the color cartridges.  You state they're a few years old - even if still half full they've given you a good run for their money.
steve0743Author Commented:
I used a 'degreasing head cleaner pen' to clean the roller.
Hasn't helpded so far, so might end up buying replacement cartridges as you suggest.
Thanks for the reply.
You're welcome.  Thanks for the accept.
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