Equivilant to the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Remote Administration Scripts

As the title states, is there an equivilant for the Remote Administration Scripts from the 2000 Server Resource kit for 2003?  

If not, should all of the scripts from the 2000 resource kit still work with 2003 Server?

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Perhaps the Server 2003 remote administration tools pack might better accomplish what you want to achieve.
jhowertonAuthor Commented:
I'll look and see if these tools have what we need.  The reason I'm looking into this; I'm currently working on a project to move from 2000 to 2003 and a lot of the scripting we do uses the scripts from the "Remote Administration Scripts" folder from the 2000 Resource Kit.  I'm guessing the scripts should work on a 2000 box, but I'd like to get my hands on some documentation or new scripts before we start testing to help in the process.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Sorry I haven't worked with the scripts, and although the "tools" I suggested are very helpful, they are mostly GUI based. I can see no reason why most of the 2000 scripts will not work with 2003, as the structure is not that different, but I have no experience confirming that. Perhaps someone else will.

ps- powershell is becoming very popular with the advent of Server 2008, and  the hundreds of of Windows and 3rd party commandlets are starting to be frequently used with 2003 as well. You may want to look at that as a long term scripting solution down the road.
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jhowertonAuthor Commented:
Yeah....just noticed that was the admin pack.  So that won't do what we need.  

Do you know if there's any documentation noting the difference between the two resource kits.  I have scoured this site, technet, and MS's KB and can't find anything...

I do appreciate the help though!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
No I have never seen any direct comparison.
I do frequent the Petri site which outlines the contents of the 2000 resource kit:
and, though not as well,  the 2003 resource kit:
May give you some comparison.

Hang on to your 2000 kit, as first thing you know they will discontinue distribution. I still use a few of the NT tools, which are hard to find now.

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jhowertonAuthor Commented:
Once again, I appreciate the help.

I'm going to putz around with the CTP of PowerShell 2 and see if I can get some of the remote stuff working.  And then I'll start testing.  

I'm always amused that MS will document every iota of unimportant stuff, but never document anything worthwhile.  Guess it helps their consulting/support business.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks jhowerton. Good luck with it.
Would be awfully nice to have documents such as "with the release of ABC you will see the following changes in functionality and compatibiliy..." :-)
Cheers !
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