Easy way to create multi-page AJAX-based forms within an existing site?

I am seeking a script or solution (similar to modalbox) that will allow me to easily rig a multi-page form.

I would like it to function essentially the same way as modalbox (http://www.wildbit.com/labs/modalbox/) but I do not want it to be a popup.  It needs to display within the page template.  

The back-end is PHP-based.

Ideally I would be able to plug in the pages of HTML form into an existing script that will handle form validation and collect the values so that it can then be inserted into a database table.
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Marcus BointonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do multipage forms quite easily using Control.Tabs from livepipe, which is also based on Prototype: http://livepipe.net/projects/control_tabs/
If you don't want actual tabs, you can hide them with CSS and just use the paging functionality it offers.

The separation into pages is entirely independent of validation. There are probably some validation libraries to help out with it - generally I've written my own validation using Prototype which makes that kind of thing much easier.
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