How do I terminate a private (point to point) T1 to a firewall with no CSU/DSU inexpensively?


I am having a T1 installed that allows VOIP over TCP/IP communication from a remote office to Headquarters.  My firewalls at each end do not have a CSU/DSU.  How can I inexpensively terminate the T1 without spending alot of money on Cisco routers.  I received a quote where the routers cost $1500 or so each.

My firewalls are Sonicwalls which do not have CSU/DSU's.

I thank you for your time and response.
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What cisco router were you given a quote for.

I would expect a 1861 would be ideal or perhaps even a 1700 series with a WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 interface card.

You are bound to be able to get cheaper systems than Cisco.
You will need a router to make this work.  For the CSU/DSU you can use adtran.  Better yet look at a netopia router that comes with a CSU/DSU.
aprasharAuthor Commented:
It was an 1841 bundle w/WIC-1DSU-T1-V2,IP Base, 32FL/128DR that costs $1800 each.  I can't justify $4000 in routers and then maintenance/support and installation.  I already existing firewalls.  My problem is the lack of CSU/DSU's.  Any advice on how to do it cheaper than spending $4k would be appreciated.

How about a ZT1 bridge?  If that makes ay sense.  I dont have experience here and thats why I am asking.  The telco (ATT) does not provide the equipment for a private t1.

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Netopia router with CSU/DSU should cost a lot less.
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
An Adtran NetVanta 3200 or 3205 with a T1 WIC (what they call a NIM or Network Interface Module) will also come out cheaper. They also have a dual T1 card if you're looking at possible expansion later on.

just did a quick goole search,
A 3200 + NIM will run about $750 plus shipping
A 3205 + NIM will run about $800 plus shipping
A 3305 + NIM will run about $1100 plus shipping

T1 bridge/converter may also work but you might as well go for the router with the built in CSU/DSU it ends up being more flexible depending on how your network may change in the future (add a second T1 for example)

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