from server to computer

i have a server from dell with raid 5 disk space is the same time i make backup daily to tape from dell lto (400 gb)..
i have another computer with 500 gb each disk to total 1 tb..of space,i have xp sp2 installed on it and it is for broadband and mail server +mysql database ..
sincerely i do not believe that my main computer will not crash one day and i dont want that the employees will not have access to the server for a day or more..
my question how i can make a mirror or a copy from the main server to the second computer daily like that if the server is down we can survive with the second computer for a day or two until the main one is repaired and what is the best software for this or have you any idea as you are expert

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There isn't a good way to do this.  You are talking about running Server,  assuming 2003 or 2003 SBS running one machine A and Windows XP on Machine B?

#1  Windows XP can only handle 10 connections to the box,  unlike a server operating system.

#2 What kind of email software are you planning on trying to host on a Windows XP system?  I don't know of any major products that support this configuration.

The best thing you could do to ensure quick recovery would be to have two identical servers.  One up and running that you are backing up daily...and the other turned off with server and the backup software installed.  In the event the original server blew up,  you could restore the backup to the machine and it would assume the identity of the one that blew up.

Otherwise your other option would be to run two servers with a licensed copy of your software on each server.  This is also assuming it can be configured to load balance across two machines.

A fail-over cluster definitely wouldn't work in your current scenario either.

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