MSMQ - causing 100% CPU Utilization

I am supporting an application built inhouse (the developer is no longer with the company).   Data is accessed through a web front end, from a 3rd party document storage application.  This is done via MSMQ.  I am seeing that when transacations are queued in MSMQ private queues, the CPU utilization jumps to 100%.  As soon as these transactions are processed, the CPU drops back down to an acceptable level.  Note, in case this is important, we are running Windows 2000 Server.  Any ideas?
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Are you already running servicepack 4 for Windows 2000? If not, install it.
pindaritAuthor Commented:
I'm running servicepack 4.   I have read some info that indicates I should upgrade to SP 5?
There is no servicepack 5. However, there is a post-sp4 update package.
If you're running into troubles with MSMQ, I would also recommend to update to the latest version of MDAC (2.81):

I hope this helps!

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