Can "Clicky Web Analytics 2.0" really give me visitor organisation info?

Hi Experts!

I've been asked to investigate whether it's possible to determine from our website analytics which companies are viewing our site.  I've made enquiries and it appeared that no information could be captured about the identity of a visitor as I'd just get an anonymous IP address that would lead me to the ISP's details and not to any details identifying the visitor.

However, I've been looking at the "Clicky Web Analytics" website and they claim to be able to give stats on the "Visitor organizations (e.g. Microsoft Corp)".

Their website is here:

So, can anyone tell me definitively whether it is indeed possible to capture information identifying the company of the visitor to my website (and for that matter any similar info!), and if so, how this is possible?


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When they say organization that means the organization associated with the netblock or ip address. If Rogers telecom is the organization that sells me internet and i visit your site then you will see those details.

Some big companies like microsoft own their own netblock, so do a lot of universities.

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LukasxAuthor Commented:
Ah, that's great!  Thanks for clearing this up! :-)
Kinda.  You can do a WHOIS search on an IP address with ARIN and find out the official owner of an IP address, which may or may not tell you anything.  Like you said, many times those will just point back to the ISP used by the company hitting your site.  However, you might be able to get more information on an IP address by doing a reverse DNS lookup.  Even that, though, won't necessarily be 100% accurate.  

For instance, the IP address for my website ( is  But if you use dig or nslookup on that IP address, the results say that's (since it's my host's webserver that hosts a ton of different websites).  Taking it further, if you go to ARIN and do a WHOIS on that IP address, you get info back about Bluehost, Inc.  If you didn't know any better, there's no way you could tell that, Hostmonster, and Bluehost were in any way related.

That help at all?
LukasxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your insight too gnar! :-)

Unfortunately, firehazrd got in just before you, but I certainly appreciate the additional information!!!
Oh, no worries at all.  Maybe it'll help the next guy.  :)
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