Creating 2 detail bands within one report

Need a way to display data in a report in a format that shows me 2 different lists.  Perhaps inserting detailreports within the master report would work.   However, after the first list is displayed, then the second list would display next.  The list data comes fromj  two different fields.  For example, One individual has 4 ids and also that same person has 2 contacts.  THe report should list the persons name, then list the id numbers, and then as a footer to the page, list the contacts.  This mimics a report containing 2 details.  Does anyone have any ideas to output 2 lists of data on the same page as I described.  The data is stored in separate records for each id number and also a separate record for each contact.  I can link the 2 giving me multiple records per each type of field.  However, I am having a time of it trying to massage the report to not print out the Contacts until all the Policy numbers are done.  Can't do group within group since the 2 lists are parallel to each other.  Example:

Mary Williams

  Mike Jones
  John Smith

(In the above example the contacts won't list until the ids' are listed.  The data is stored as:
ID     Contact
23    Mike Jones
23    John Smith
77    Mike Jones
77    Jone Smith

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
have you considered a subreport?  subreport would give you the option to group data in a different way...
dougschultzAuthor Commented:
I definetely could and have done that however, I was looking for more of a way to use detail reports so I wouldn't have to add another reportclass.  Or any ideas on how to massage the data to  be able to fool the typical group/detail relationship.
You could build up a list of contact names  in a formula field and place that in the group footer (i assume the report is grouped by individual - Mary Williams in your example).

//concatnames - goes in the detail line
stringvar Namelist;
Namelist := Namelist & {table.Namefield} & chr(13);
In the group header you intialise the variable in a formula field.
stringvar Namelist:"";
In the group footer show the list. Switch on the CanGrow setting .
stringvar Namelist;

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It depends on what you want for the format.

The easiest way will be to use a subreport as suggested above.  The formula method will also work.

Obviously, my comment is simply supporting the suggestions given above it.  The only thing I added was to hint that the suggestioin chosen would depend on how you want the information formatted since they would result in different layouts.

Please select the appropriate comment as the solution.

dougschultzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions.  Sub reports will have to do.  
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