HDD light stays green on Raid 5 system ???

I have a new raid 5 server.  there are 3 750 gig drives.  they are in the sata backplane bay.  i have 1.36 tb of storage space and get no errors on boot so the raid 5 must be working properly.  i have data stored on the raid drive created from this raid 5 configuration.

i do have another drive i am using for the os, but it is not in the drive bay for my raid drives.  all three 750 gig drives are in this drive bay.  they are listed as HD1, HD2, and HD3.

when the drive(s) are being accessed, writing data to the raid drive letter, i see the flashing red lights on the bottom two drives but the top drive light stays green.

HD1 stays green no matter what.
HD2 and HD3 will be flashing red which means they are being used.

I just bought this server and I am wondering if I should be concerned about this.  I have not been able to contact the company I purchased the machine from yet.  I know experts-exchange gets fast answers so I thought I would post here to see if anyone had any comments..

Thanks for the help or comments...

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If the RAID array tests out ok, I wouldn't worry about it - the LED for that drive may have been improperly wired.  Run a benchmark program like HDTune and if the numbers look reasonable, chalk it up to a bad LED.  If you are really concerned and can rebuild the array, swap the drives around and see if the LED problem follows the drive.  If it does, it's local to that drive and is likely just a badly wired LED.

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jstormAuthor Commented:
I talked to the computer store owner and he told me to reseat the drives and that should take care of it.

I reseated the drives then after reboot, they all show red blinking when activity.


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