Laptop will not boot to Vista outside the SBS 2003 Network.

I just installed SBS 2003 on a network that was peer to peer.  I used the wizards to add users and computers.  I went to add a computer using the \\servername\connectcomputer.  During this process, it let me chose users I added to the server which I did.  I also chose the computer.  I manage 2003 domains on a daily basis and what I got was not expected.  First, even though I used the same computer name, it changed the name to itself, thus all old profiles did not stay the same.  That is, when I logged back on to the local computer with the same user, it resets the profile.  Is there a way to bypass this and let the computer name stay original or is it normal?  Next I noticed the profile it created was named SBS_something, not the user name.  This worries me because what if another user logs onto this computer and I did not assign that user to it?  Do I need to assign all users in the SBS to all the computers so they can work on them if they move around?  
This also worries me in regards to my laptops.  In a typical 2003 domain, the user can disconnect from the domain and still sign in to his domain profile with cacheing.  Does the same thing happen with this SBS profile?
And last, we are still using our outlook with pop3, i.e, local .pst files.  I have not been able to talk the owner into using the Exchange feature, but will in the future.  Therefore I have disable the Exchange temporarily, I hope.  We have about 4 computers that are used by multiuser, each swithing machines from time to time.  I am presuming for this to work, I will need to setup roaming profiles for these users.  Will this also move the .pst files along with the other outlook files to the roaming profile?
To say the least I have halted the install and shutdown the SBS server to find out more info.  I manage and install 2003 networks on a daily basis and have for the past 12 years, starting with NT4.  I stop doing SBS with NT4 because it was a pain.  This 2003 looks great, but some of these oddities put a kink in my planning, the bad thing is I thought I read up and planned it out.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
I think you've taken a simple error and are worrying about more than is necessary...

If the profiles didn't migrate correctly that would indicate you didn't install this patch on your Vista machines:

You should also make sure that you've got all other Vista updates installed on your server:

"In a typical 2003 domain, the user can disconnect from the domain and still sign in to his domain profile with cacheing.  Does the same thing happen with this SBS profile?"

Yes.  In fact you should delete the local user accounts once the profiles properly migrate.  

SBS 2003 is definitely NOT SBS 4.0.  Just make sure you're always up-to-date with the current info.  The official SBS Blog is always a good place to start:

HackitxAuthor Commented:
Tech, thank you so much.  I was worried I screwed up so I halted the install until I now.  The profiles had me really worried.
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