VLAN Tagging with AT&T Opt-e-man

We have a new OPT-E-MAN connection from AT&T, with a 10mb pipe to internet and a 10mb pipe to another office. AT&T has setup two VLANS with tagging 155 to cloud and 154 to other office LAN subnet of I have a GTA firewall that supports VLAN and we currently have the internet working but AT&T has turned off tagging because when it is tagged the connection does not work and without tagging point to point connection can not work, I also have several Linksys SRW248G4, 48-port 10/100 + 4-Port Gigabit Switches that also do VLAN and it looks like it can handle tagging but I cannot find any documentation to assist with setup. It has been recommended that we purchase a new Cisco switch the one recommended is out of production by Cisco and has been replaced by the ME-C3750-24TE-MA I think. thare is ! connection out of the AT&T switch which basically needs to be converted to to 2 internally, My questions are
1.)      Will the ME-C3750-24TE-MA  work or
2.)      Can I use my Linksys SRW248G4 and if so
3.)      How do I configure them
I am new to VLAN Tagging and router confguration so please KISS (keep it simple stupid{and I am not calling any one stupid it just a saying})
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you have two options how to do what you want:
1. if your firewall supports vlan, then you can create two vlan subinterfaces on it with appropriate tags and ips.
2. your switch does support vlans. you have to create two vlans on your switch with gags 154 and 155. then you are configuring ports let's say 48 as tagged(trunked) for vlan 154, 155 and two ports untagged - one in 155 and one in 154.
the you configure two physical interfaces on your firewall (suppose you have at least 3 there - internet, lan and remote office) one with ip for internet and plug it to configured port in 155th vlan, and one for remote office - plugged to configured port in 154th vlan

pcdr111Author Commented:
so I can tag a single port on switch as a trunk with 2 VLAN tags? do I separate with a comma?
yes you can tag single port with many vlans.
second question's answer worth looking in the documentation. i have met switches where you should use space, commas, dash,"to" etc.

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pcdr111Author Commented:
well we decide to purchase a new switch and have setup professional
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