AMD or Intel for Web Hosting Server?


I need a server to host webpages.  It will be run Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Would I get better stability and performace from an AMD or Intel model?

These are the same price:

     Intel Dual Processor Dual Core Xeon 5130 - 2.00GHz
     AMD Dual Processor Dual Core Opteron 2212 - 2.00GHz
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Take your pick.  I've used both, although i think in benchmark tests the opteron comes out slightly ahead - and i do mean slightly.
No question about it - the Woodcrest and Conroe cores beat any equivalent clock speed AMD processor:  The Opterons beat any previous generation Xeon cpus, but these cores mark the turning point for Intel and their rise as the processor of choice.

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The articles i posted are pretty old, I would refer to Callandors URL to tomshardware :)
But I still prefer AMD :)
Well, I have an Athlon64 X2 3800+ and an Opteron 148 in two of my home systems, but my new machines are Core2 Duos - I'll use whatever is fastest and the best value, whether it be AMD or Intel.
So if your cpu is the woodcrest Dual Core Xeon 5130
Then go for that...
For this type of servers the integer performance is on of the most important factor. Next factor is Memory-Thoughput. If your have a very large database then the most important factor for perfomance is diskspeed.

AFAIK the new Intels are currently better in integer performance and memory throughput than the AMDs

Diskperformance depends on other factors, not the cpu
Pétur Ingi EgilssonSoftware Engineer -- ConsultantCommented:
Cooling is very important.
As AMD require more cooling ( they get very hot! ) i would recommend Intel in your server room.
Couple of degrees do not seam much.. but if will affect your overall temperature ( chase temperature ) and thus the performance and durability of your hardware.
hankknightAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I have posted a related question here:
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