Transfer of VLK MOLP Between companies

Hi guys,
we have recently aquired a small company which has a Microsoft MOLP.  I began to run out of Office 2003 VLK seats, and the new guys said we could use their MOLP (they had some 30 unused seats on it).  My question is, is this possible?  Can we transfer the Licenses from newcomanyA to us, or are they effectively tied the the original company (they have retained their identity, but become part of the comapny)????  I can;t seem to find any decent info on this, but I was under the impression that once a license was bought by companyA it could not be transferred to another third party....although my (non-technical) management are insisting that the MOLP would have been included int he purchase of the company.
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I think as long a license is not OEM you can transfer it to anyone.
rstainforthAuthor Commented:
OK, after a bit of digging, I have found out that you can transfer MOLP agreements between organisations, but only the agreement, and not the component parts, so if you had say 25 XP licenses and 30 Office licenses on a MOLP you'd have to transfer all of them (you can;t just bung out 10 XP licenses).  In any event, it turned out that the licenses that had been given to us were on a select agreement anyway, and so pretty much useless to us unless we started one of our own.  hum.

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