Setting Mailbox Limits and Notifications

I have setup limits and notifications in Exchange 2003. I have set a notification limit as well as a limit prohibiting sending email at a specified size. How long will it take for this to propogate across the network? I have also set my limits lower to test it out but I am not receiving any warnings in regars to the size of my mailbox.

Is there a setting that has to be enabled first in order to have warnings sent from the email server?
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Mailbox size changes take some time to be updated. Be patient.
Malli BoppeCommented:
The mail box limits runs once day during some time in the night.thats when you receive the email saying that you mailbox is over the limit.It doesn't happen straight away.

You might want to look at this

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ellitechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link as well...
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