Citrix Login Scripts

I need some urgent help: Where are the citrix scripts located? They are being mapped to the wrong drives and users cannot log in . . .

I fixed the ones that reside in the AD under User > Script .  . .

But still there is one hiding somewhere that is messing things up . . . .
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dpaoleschiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in your .bat file in the netlogon dir, add the following net use commmands to remove any previously mapped drives

net use My drive Letter: /delete

add as many net use /delete commands as needed to unmap any used drive letters then use

net use My drive Letter: \\computer name\share name

to map the drive letter to the share on the new server
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
It could either be in a group policy set for Citrix users or a group policy on the citrix computer itself.

You can right click a user in AD and go to Tasks/Resultant of Policy (logging) and it will open up the group policies affecting that user.  Go to the User Configuration/Windows Settings/logon scripts and in the right pane it will tell you the logon scripts and the policy that is causing it.
Unless specified in AD, logon scripts typically reside in the NETLOGON share of your AD boxes.
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Starquest321Author Commented:
croberds: I followed your idea but under Windows Settings I don't have logon scripts. . . . just ie maintenance and security settings.

dpaoleschi: I had a running script in the NETLOGON directory share of the AD box which mapped to the old server path. I have changed that scipt to the new path. The problem seems to be that it still remembers the old mappings. How can I clear those?
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
I would check and see if someone set up a group policy on the citrix server itself.  From the citrix server do a gpedit.msc from the run box and go to the same User Config/Windows Settings/scripts and click the logon scripts and see if anything is there.  

In AD someone also could have made a loopback policy.  See if the Citrix server is in an OU and check the group policy there.
"Where are the citrix scripts located? They are being mapped to the wrong drives and users cannot log in . . . "

What scripts are you talking about?  Which drives are you refering to?  

Maybe an explanation of the logon process will help:
Starquest321Author Commented:
Let me try to explain clearer:

I published an application whose data file sits on the server. I don't want the user to see the whole file server directories when going to "file >> open" on the application. So I shared the specific drive and create a .bat in the netlogon directory which maps that dirctory to a pointer drive using the net use command. Now I have moved to a new server and updated the scipt to map the drives to a new location - but for some reason its still insisting on going to the old location. How can I clear the network shares which have already been established and allow the script to establish new ones?
BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you know what Working Directory is set in your published apps; I have seen people get messed up that way when they change drive mappings.  A good way to test is to create a published desktop in Citrix, connect your user to it, and then check your letters.  You can then launch the app from your published desktop.  Often these issues are easier to work out from a desktop.  
Starquest321Author Commented:
Excellent. Thanks.
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