How can I set up VSI-FAX to email user when fax fails

I have VSI-FAX 3.x installed on a RISC6000 running AIX 5.0.  How do I set up so that when a fax fails, the user is emailed?
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wjindraConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solution Worked.  Thank you.
Michael WorshamInfrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
It's been ages since I have used VSI-FAX, but I found this in a VSI-Fax 4 manual that might work in 3.x:

$VSIFAX/bin/vfx [-A <alias>] [-B <file>] [-c <file>] [-C <cover>] [-d {<device> | <class>}] [-E {std | fine}] [-F {ep | fax | pcl | ps | tif | txt}] [-g <srvr_grp_file>] [-G <local_grp_file>] [-H <host>] [-i] [-l {letter | a4 | legal}] [-L {attachments | covers | dests | folders | images | overlays | retrys}] [-m {both | each | fail | none | ok}] [-M <email>] -n <fax_num> [-N] [-o <file>] [-p {l | m | h | u}] [-r <retry>] [-R] [-s] [-S {on | off}] [-t <tag>=<value>] [-T <time>] [-U <user>] [-x] <file>

Example: $VSIFAX/bin/vfx -m fail -M

Reference Manual:
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