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Enable Non-Admin Access to SBS Scheduled Tasks Remotely

Looking for a quick answer if someone has it.... I have a system I'm trying to setup where a non-admin user can restart a service remotely on the server.  The service in question is a SQL Express instance.  I thought I'd use a scheduled task and instruct people to browse to the server and execute the scheduled task (giving them permission to it).  However, I didn't realize that when browsing the server, only admins can see the Scheduled Tasks folder.  How can I enable non-admins to see this?  Or does someone have a better idea?  I DO NOT want to give the users domain admin rights to do this and you can't encrypt passwords in a script - users are prompted for them.   Hmmm... maybe SC with a LOCAL task running as a different user might work... I'll look into that now... but if anyone has other ideas, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks much
Lee W, MVP
Lee W, MVP
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How about just create a batch file with the below code. Once you have entered the password for the admin account once it seems to remember it by using the /savecred option, which I guess is what you wanted since you don't want users to have knowledge of anything to do with a Domain Admin account's password!

I've just tried this and it seems to work, good luck!

runas /noprofile /user:[domain]\[username of domain admin account] /savecred "sc \\[servername] [start or stop] [service name i.e. Messenger]"

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion... what I did (but couldn't test) is created a small batch file and created the scheduled task on the client workstation, setting it to run as a domain admin.  The batch file is essentially to SC commands and a line to note which machine and when the task was executed from.

I'll see how that works... but I'll award points to you unless someone else comes along with an answer to making the server side Scheduled Tasks available for non-admins.
I have not tested this but i think as an admin account if you go to the properties of that scheduled task and add the non admin user account under security tab and assign permission. Have that user access that job from his pc by going to \\servername  and then run the task
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorAuthor Commented:
Hmmm.. I assigned the user accounts I wanted access to that task permission directly on the server...  I'll see if what you're suggesting (or something similar that your comment inspired - won't be on site until Friday though).
Good idea regarding the scheduled task running as domain admin user - probably a little less fiddly than saving credentials with the runas tool.

Good luck!
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