What's the difference between E-sata and Sata

Is E-Sata the new type aka Sata II - with higher data transfer rates -

Are E-sata and Sata devices and cables backward compatable e.g. if you have a Sata cable will it plug into an E-sata device and so on
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Esata is up to 6 times faster than existing external storage solutions: USB 2.0, & 1394, and it is connected outside the box :o) while sata is internal drive.
See the link:
Here is a definition of SATA II, which is definitely not the same as ESATA:


And here is a very detailed page about E-SATA:

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Electrically there's no difference between SATA and E-SATA ... the "E" simply means External.   The electronic signaling is identical => in fact, many add-in SATA cards will have both internal ports and external (E-SATA) ports, so they can be used with either internal or external devices (or both).    The only difference is in the connectors and the cables, which are better shielded for the external devices.

"... Are E-sata and Sata devices and cables backward compatable e.g. if you have a Sata cable will it plug into an E-sata device and so on ..." ==> No.  The cables for E-SATA are slightly different ... they have additional shielding, and do not have the "L" on the connector that's used with internal cables.  The connectors are also slightly larger.

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