csgl in C# or openGL in c++

I want to display 3D pipes in a 3D  space using C# or C++... The openGL graphics window should have toolbars ,panels and buttons  which can be created during design time... or runtime...
The options are
1, using openGl in c++ (GLUT and GLUI)
2, using C# and csGL
3, using C# in WPF and CSGL
Which is the best option for me........? and also give me some example links
I could not find any code in openGL using c++ which displays openGL window with panels and toolbars... pölease give me links.......
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hi jsbsudha

>> Which is the best option for me........?

again .. ;)  well, as said in your earlier questions, that depends on your skills in c++/C# .. choose the one you're more familar with ..

>> using c++ which displays openGL window with panels and toolbars

i showed you some in your last q's .. there were GLUI-examples .. they do excactly what you wanted .. did you encounter problems with it?

jsbsudhaAuthor Commented:
yes ... I have a GLUI program which shows some linker errors  and I could not correct it........moreover is it possible to create toolbar using GLUI
jsbsudhaAuthor Commented:
if u have any small application which shows the  output with GLUI window with toolbar at the top and  panel at the right containing some checkboxes and text boxes.........please send me the application
awaiting for your reply
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its easier to help you and to follow your q's if you dont mix the questions .. keep one topic in its question.. and keep on asking about that topic there..

just a reminder: this question was about which programming language to use and which gui-library, but anyway .. ;)

ok .. step by step

>> I have a GLUI program which shows some linker errors

primeMover2004 showed you how to solve it at:

didnt it work?

>> moreover is it possible to create toolbar using GLUI

we discussed that as well in your earlier question .. i told you there is no such thing as a toolbar in GLUI .. remember .. ;)


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so what about your skills in c++ and c# .. consider that for your decision ..
jsbsudhaAuthor Commented:
I have also another doubt which I have posted here......I have to display 3D objects where their data is stored in the database postgresql...... so I  want to know whether c++ or c# is easier to connect with postgresql... I want to choose that which is easier to connect......
hmmm .. did you read my comments? that was already answered .. that depends on your skills ..
i'm a c++ - guy .. dont know anything about c# .. for me its easier to make it in c++ .. of course the opposite for somebody who knows c# well ..

so again .. ask yourself about your skills, if you are not sure .. go c# .. its easier for beginners .. yet i dont know if you are a beginner or not, couz you didnt answer my question .. ;)
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