How to build a dynamic tree using the jface treeViewer

Ok I'm new to Java and eclipse, I was trying to build a tree that can dynamically be built using the jface treeView, but I have no idea how the treeObject work, I assumed they worked like any object but, the only way I can add an element to the tree is buy using something like in my code Snippet, can you tell me if I'm going about this the wrong way, or point me to some good resources...

TreeObject generalInfo = new TreeObject("General Info");
        TreeObject to2 = new TreeObject("Study 2");
        TreeObject to3 = new TreeObject("Study 3");
        TreeObject p2 = new TreeObject("Sponser");
        TreeParent p1 = new TreeParent("Sponser");
        TreeParent example = new TreeParent("ExampleA");
        TreeParent general = new TreeParent("ExampleB");
        TreeParent root = new TreeParent("Root");

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TimYatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked at this:

It seems to show what you need -- especially the  "Responding to domain model changes" bit about half way down the page...
clgrahamjrAuthor Commented:
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