WAMP not serving pages to other computers in network -- only localhost


I installed WampServer 2.0 on an old system I have.  I can access webpages on it from localhost fine, but I cannot view those webpages on other computers within my network.

The computer's internal IP address is

From other computers in the network I CANNOT access webpages like this:
   (I get a 403 Forbidden error)

Also, on the computer that has WAMP installed, I can access wepages this way:
but NOT this way: (I get a 403 Forbidden error)

I turned off Windows Firewall but this did not help.
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hernst42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Per default WAMP only allows to serve pages on localhost and not to any external IP. You need to edit the http.conf to allow connections from other hosts.

As wamp is not configured to be a productive webserver with correct security settings for all needed components remote access is disabled.

So enabling remote hosts should only be done if you know hot to secure the wamp sever.
Try using the DMZ ip address, e.g. http://dmz_ip_on_router/info.php 
a0k0a7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In better words, make sure your DMZ ip address is on the router, then find what's the public ip assigned to router that you can use to test it, http://external_ip/info.php, you get the ip frmo the router web admin.
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