how to install Tomcat runtime in Eclipse? it has only Basic -> Http Server under "New Server Runtime"!

how do i install Tomcat runtime in Eclipse? When I go to Window -> Server -> Installed Runtimes and click on "Add", it has only "Basic-Http" in the list. I tried downloading all additional server adapters but still the same! Thanks.
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vegetasharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do the followings:
1)Make sure you put the plug-in into plugins dir of eclipse.
2)start eclipse and then goto help menu > software updates>find and install>search for new features to
 install>>click next and click on tomcat plugins and then install.
(make the you clicked on automatically select mirror section)
Which plugin are you using? wtp?
If yes, checkout this
nj07869Author Commented:
It is not showing me Apache when I try to add "New Runtime". It just has Basic. I also tried getting it using "Download additional server adaptors" but still no luck!
1)go to preferences
2)if you have successfully installed tomcat plug-in then you can see tomcat checkbox.
3)now click on tomcat checkbox
4)set the version what you have installed
5)check the server.xml radio button
6)set the tomcat directory where you have installed it
7)just click on apply button and then O.K.
8)do the following:
window>>custom perspective>and then click on command tab>
scroll until you see the tomcat>>now check the tomcat
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