problem accessing contacts from the "TO" utton

we have installed a single SBS 2003 server running exchange and outlook 2003.

We have imported the users old pst files into each mailbox. The problem is that we can see the contact information when accessed via the "Contacts" option on the stacking toolbar, but when we create a "NEW" e-mail, and select the "TO" button, we get the Global Address List.

I can see that we can change this from the drop down menu, but the required contacts are not shown anywhere. Can we add the imported contacts, and can we make this the default list, when the "TO" button is selected?
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Add your contacts to the address book.Click on contacts on the bottom navigation pane. You will see contacts at the top of the page right click it then click properties. You will see a outlook address book tab click it then check show as a outlook address book. You should be good to go.

You will have to do this with any shared contacts in the public folder
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks, I will try this tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

just to be clear, we have imported sveral individual pst files created from the old individual instances of Outlook into the new exchange mailboxes. Each user then, has their own indivual contacts list, stored in their mailbox. They are not shared in the public folder. Does that make sense?
Yes.. When you click on TO: you are accessing the GAL and any other address book right now your contacts are not being used as a address book. The only other thing you might run into is the check being greyed out if this is the case let me know there is some more steps you have to do..
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
I have tried your solution, and it seemed to work OK. When we selct the TO button, we are still offered the GAL by defualt. Is there any way to change this to contacts? One other slight issue is that we now have 2 entries in the available drop down box selections called contacts. One is empty, and the other contains the correct contacts. If we cannot specify the correct contact list to be our default offering, can we romove the empty CONTACTS from the drop down menu. Our user finds it confusing having two CONTACT entries.
We also notice that when we access our mailbox remotely using OWA, we are only offered 2 choices from the TO button, the GAL (default) and CONTACTS. Unfortunately, this is the empty one. How do we provide access to contacts for the remote user?
For most staff the address book will be set to use the Global Address List. To change your default address book go to the Tools menu of the address book and select the Options you will be able to choose the address book you would like to be default.

Did you import the mail/contacts into the default mailbox or are you using a .pst file. anything that is in a pst file will not be viewable in OWA without 3rd party software. You can export the contacts and then import them into the mailbox contact folder.

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