Exchange hardware benchmarking

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a good benchmarking program for testing the performance of a system - with an Exchange focus.  I.e. something that will replicate the transactions of a large exchange system to determine (and show my client) what hardware works best, and the effect of running inside a VM.
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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I've been using loadgen to generate Exchange activity in order to determine storage needs for our upcoming Exchange 2007 migration.
This tool just came out as well - looks interesting...
Exchange Jetstress and LoadSim tools are the best tools to understand the performance of an Exchange server in test environment. Simulate disk I/O load on a test server running Exchange to verify the performance and stability of your disk subsystem before putting your server into a production environment can be performed by Jetstress. For step by step guidance refer: 
Loadsim will simulate the performance load of MAPI clients with this benchmarking tool, which allows you to test how a server running Exchange 2003 responds to e-mail loads. Refer:


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tonydav67Author Commented:
It looks interesting.  Does it actually spit out a result of what load it can handle?
tonydav67Author Commented:
Thanks guys for the two options.  I think JetStress is really what I'm after but I might also have a play with loadgen.
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